Personalised toys

Win your child over with personalised toys

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do with Alex when he was younger, alas we couldn’t find anything anywhere. I tend to think we are in the back and beyond here with the resources that are available to us in the backwaters of the UK. Personalised toys and gift sets. I can just imagine the light in Alex’s eyes as he reads a story just about him. Or he gets started on his own puzzle with his name on it.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the USA you can find yourself shopping at the highly recommended I See Me children’s store which features all sorts of personalisation for children. I wish it were available here because Alex would have his own set. From story books to lunch boxes.

I like this because I remember my friend at School had his own personalised book. How we’d sit there in awe that it would mention all of us and we’d imagine ourselves actually enacting the story in that book. It was really really awesome, and why I’ve been searching for something like this for Alex for a long time. I’m actually jealous!

It’s not just personalised toys I would get; I would get a whole imagination with it. The scenario’s my little boy could conjure up in his little head with all of his personalised belongings. Amazing.

Probably the best thing with this, though. Would be the way in which he could amaze his friends. Just like little George did with me when I was seven. It not only helped us with our imagination with the hours of playtime that we took from this; it helped us connect with other children when we were able to show them our amazing stories and adventures that we had. Of course we did, it was in this book! See?

personalised toys

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