Seal and The Manchester street busker

Seal and The Manchester street busker

Let’s face it. I’m totally a fan of Seal. If you have no idea who Seal is, then check some of these songs out.

I wasn’t going to post tonight but I feel what I saw on Facebook was definitely worth sharing. A video of Seal and The Manchester street busker. Basically, Seal, the famous singer walked up to a street busker, introduced himself, sang a duet with her and then invited the young lady back to open up his live performance a few miles away.

Now I saw that as a grandiose display of selflessness. What he did, did not benefit himself in any way whatsoever. In fact, he went out of his way to accommodate her. And it was lovely to see, and yes, he was right, what she sang was nothing short of amazing.

Before I show you the video I’d like to take a moment to talk about selflessness and the positive impact it can have on one’s being. To give without the thought of return. To give with the only reward being that knowing in yourself that you’ve done a good deed. Or at least what you’ve thought is a good deed.

I give without return. All the time. I often go out of my way to give to people without even the slightest idea of return. And if there’s a return then that’s great, but it isn’t a requirement. My blogging community is like this also. They keep giving to me without wanting anything back, and although I’ve accepted their help gracefully I’m just itching for the chance for someone to ask me for help! Because I’ll be there in a flash.

Ten or more years ago I wasn’t a giver. If I was to give you something, anything; be it time, money or possessions, then I would secretly hold it against you until the debt was repaid. And although I felt that at sometimes this was necessary, I didn’t stop to explore the finer things in life. Yes, giving gave me a good feeling about one’s self, but giving because you can is so much better. And it completely changes your mindset

I think learning to give openly was one the last links in my mental health crusade. It changed my thinking from always feeling like the world, or others were owing me something, which quite possibly they were, to actually going out there and seizing the moment. Here, have this, no strings attached. If no-one owes you anything then you break free from the shackles of negativity.

Instead of thinking, “there goes Dave. He owes me $20.” Wouldn’t it be oh so more empowering to say, “There goes Dave, he’s such a nice friend” – and by doing exactly this I managed to make the last leap to positive thinking.

Try it.

Try it today.

Go out and find a friend, help them, give them your time, help them build something or dig their garden. And when they ask how can they ever repay you, or that they owe you one, just say no. I do it because I can. End of. No calling in favours or anything like that.

And trust me. Life will get so much better 🙂

And now – Seal and The Manchester street busker. What an awesome Celebrity.


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