Totally free dating sites


Totally free dating sites

I was recently over at my friends house consoling him slightly because he had just lost his job. And was feeling a bit thrown to the curb. He asked me, “Raymond? You’re the relationship blogger, right? Do you know of any totally free dating sites? You should know this, right?” (It’s strange how many people ask me this)

totally free dating sites

And you know what? I couldn’t tell him anything. Because I didn’t know!! I mean I classify myself as the relationship blogger yet I had not the faintest clue what websites and apps were free or paid!! A sad state of affairs when this is the case I thought to myself. So, you know what I did? I went and did some research for him. And this is why I am coming to you with this post. Because I literally did not know the sheer size of free websites out there. There is literally a plethora of totally free dating sites and apps.

The Nitty Gritty

Get on with it you’re probably shouting at me now; well here goes: – Free dating for everyone in the United Kingdom – Another UK based website, but, like I say it’s free! – Dating for everyone. Just sign up with Facebook or other social media and away you go – Yet another free dating website. This is great, isn’t it? – I had no idea this was free. Because it’s advertised everywhere I though there would be payment involved. But, only if you want to get rid of the ads. – social network for our Gay friends – More free dating awesomeness – another UK based beautiful website. Give it a try

I really wanted to gift this to all of my readers because there seems to be a up-slant trend in free dating applications over the last few years. I come from a time when it would cost me £1 and above to send a message to a woman that I found attractive over the internet. And I know how harrowing that can be when you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel money-wise. Be Safe

totally free dating sites

I would also like to link out to the Money Saving Expert because they’ve created an absolutely awesome article on all the things that you may have to consider when taking the plunge to chat to potential suitors online. There are potential dangers that you have to be wary of. And your trust; whatever sex you are shouldn’t be gained easily. People can lie, and cheat and even worse over the digital waves. However, that being said if you raise the proper safeguards and barriers then you should have an awesome time finding that special someone!

Good luck!!


free dating sites
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