Why men lie

The topic of this should really be, “Why men lie and get away with it more often than they should” but it was far too long. Long topics don’t make for good entrances points so I’m finding. But, nevertheless, on with the show.

We get away with lying far too much, us men. It’s why I essentially stopped it altogether. In my world honesty is the key because I know I can’t slip a fib past my wife, she’s super intuitive. And the last thing I want to do is form the seeds of doubt in her mind. When a woman has doubt in her mind she becomes Sherlock Holmes, perhaps it’s even why you’re reading this article right now. Anyway, I’ve always wondered why women, being super intuitive, let men they love get away with lies to their face, but I think I’ve finally worked out why.

Women are emotional beings and are mostly driven by their instincts. They were born by a natural awesomeness at working things out and knowing what’s happening around them before men do. Are you a man and you really fancy or like a girl? Chances are she knows about it, and she’s either thinking to herself, “ask me out stupid,” or she likes you as a friend and is praying you never do so! Complicated, right? Not so much if you learn to look for the intricacies of body language and speech tone, yet, as I say, men have to learn this stuff whereas women were just born with a natural gift for working shit out.

So why do men lie and get away with it? Well, lying for a woman is so much easier. She just lies and pretty much gets away with it straight away if her man sucks on an inner intuitive level, and most men do to be honest, we’re methodical thinkers, so we look at things like they are problems. We ask ourselves if they need fixing or not. We rely a lot more on our mind than we care to let on, and lets not forget an entire age that our grandparents came from that told us to just shun our feelings completely. And being in tune with our feelings is what actually helps people sift through the crap, this is why women are expert liars to the untrained eye.

Lying for a man is so much more complicated, he can’t just lie and get away with it because women just know, they do, they fucking do. If you’re a man reading this I’m sure there’s been a few times you’ve been in a situation where you’ve seen one of your mates bullshit a woman and watched them say, “Yeah, that really doesn’t sit right with me” or watch their brows furrow as they try to work out why he’s lying or what he’s lying about. Yeah, for a man we have to go one level up and convince her that she’s being neurotic / crazy / suspicious / insecure, men have to get her to appeal to her sense of rationale, to abandon her intuition and listen to what her mind is telling her. And then that’s where her emotional conflict starts, for me I’ve always seen it as a type of abuse, there’s nothing worse than getting someone to doubt their very being, but if you’re sitting there thinking, that doesn’t ‘feel’ right, but he says I’m being ‘crazy’ and I probably am, I tend to overthink shit. Let me tell you this:

Women NEVER overthink shit.

The only reason you overthink shit is because he’s making you do so. He’s causing conflict. If you were not feeling right about something you should be free and open to discuss it with him until the cows come home, right? My wife, if she has a question, I answer. And that way I don’t cause her to conflict with her emotions and mind. If I’m late, or lost, or off to do something, I always tell her. In fact most of the time I offer up the information before hand or as it’s happening. Some men call this under the thumb, but then you have to ask yourself why they think being a true form of honest is ‘under the thumb’?

Let me tell you a story. I was an over thinker. I used to overthink god damned nearly everything and anything. You know why? Because my Dad was in my life and he was a pathological liar, to the point that he would tell me things about myself that simply weren’t true. Always being highly intuitive this caused a conflict and had me messed up for years on end. It’s why I didn’t realign my senses until long after he died. And this is why I say to you, women, if a man is trying to convince you that you’re being [whatever breed of crazy] about a question or something that [to you] seems very natural to offer up – chances are he has something to hide.

Will he offer it up? Depends how brave he is. Some men are big massive cowards. I lived with a man once that to this day never offered up any of his wrongdoings to his ex partner as they were in the middle of a split. To me? That’s cowardice of the highest order. Be truthful and always truthful.

And if you’re truthful then you have nothing to hide – makes life a damn site easier!

That’s not to say women don’t lie and aren’t evil about it – but perhaps that’s a story for another day 🙂

Why men lie

why men lie
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