Why men pay for sex

Why men pay for sex

Strange topic, huh? Why would I want to write about weird strange men crouched over a ten dollar prostitute as she gives him head without blinking; or even knowing him. Fact is, it’s far more common than you think, or care to admit. It’s why there are so many of them out there. Aaand, this topic comes under the controversial arc of humanity so of course I’m going to blog about it. These things need to be talked about. As a male I can tell you that at least once in your life wherever you are, you’re going to come across it some way or another.

Now calm yourself when you try to think of a man that would use these services as a wounded war veteran plastered on wine and beer as he celebrates New Year back at home. Like Forrest Gump would have you believe. Nah. Contrary to popular belief these services are all over the place if you open your eyes wide enough.

There are certain situations where a male can find himself submitting to the seductions of the ladies of the night. One definite situation would be when testosterone levels are extremely high and there is a definite threat of existence. Such as in a war zone. Nothing says tension relieving one-nighter like a backstreet brothel and a few pretty and willing girls. I can understand it. I don’t agree with anything I’m writing, but I do understand how it exists and why it exists. You see sex to a man is a release of emotion and tension and there exists a quick-fire release.

You get the idea don’t you? Men pay for sex because it’s available and there, and, they’re not getting any. I think men view sex completely differently to what women do. For men, the act of sex is putting his organ “in” someone, whereas woman have someone putting “their” organ in them, making the act far more personal and selective.

But what about the attached men? What about men that have a significant other and still pay for it. Well, that’s when sex broadens the horizons into addiction. Yes, you can get sex addiction. Think of Tiger Woods; he was happily married yet slept with HOW many prostitutes? You see, some people are prone to addiction. And addiction at it’s base level is a dopamine rising in the brain; it’s the excitement that you crave, the rush of adrenaline, the feeling of power. Some people use Alcohol, others drugs. Some people use sex. It’s basically learned behaviour from a young age. And if say Tiger Woods was introduced to sex at a young age, like any addiction it could have escalated to lots of women. He had the money.

For others it could be cultural. I know that in parts of Asia young boys are introduced to prostitutes as an act for their “coming of age”, and in certain areas men frequent brothels like you and I would have a hot dinner. Wives are aware of this but in their eyes “at least there is no connection.

It’s very dangerous being a young male on a night out. I’ve been approached several times in my previous life by ladies that “want to give me a good time” or men that want to take me in a Taxi to these ladies. Yet, you never know what’s going to happen. I read all the time about people going home with women and ending up in another part of the country with one of their vital organs missing.

Just be cautious, and be sensible. And if you can’t strike it lucky on your night out go home and have a wank 🙂


why men pay for sex

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