Work with me

So, you like my blog, you like what I write about and you’re interested in doing some business with me? It’s cool, I have a business hat too! I’m actually quite fun and easy to work with believe it or not, or so my editors from other places keep telling me.

So enough about me and let’s cut to the chase.

I have several banner spots open currently, and they are available for hire. This may be subject to change at any time, given the demand and duration advertisers have asked then to be placed. I charge a flat fee for these, but you’ll have to email me to find out! I like to get to know who I’m getting into business with. I’m a relationships guy, I build relationships!


I also allow sponsored posts, written by you, as long as they tie neatly in with the theme of my blog. So I won’t be hosting any gambling, alcohol or legal drugs posts, for me, that’s just a no-no. Up for sex posts though! As long as they aren’t aggressive and/or unhealthy. There will be a flat fee for these too. I can write one for you, seo optimised with your link, for a bit of link juice too, and that’s going to cost a little extra.


I LOVE free products, though. If you have something free to give me, a product, a subscription, something free for my usage (I can also get my community involved in it too) for me to review then there will be no fee. As I say, I love free stuff. That’s me living up to my stereotype as a tight Scotsman. Hah. But make sure it ties in with my theme! I can review a self-help book with professional clarity, but I wouldn’t have the first clue about a new car tyre.

My Audience

To give you an idea about the audience you’ll be reaching, here’s a snapshot of my last 28 days – notice the nice slow uphill slant? This will only get better.


And, ocassionally I’ll have a post that will go off the charts – like this one on Dec 18th

off charts

My Audience is largely USA based, seconded by UK, and then many other countries in between, but not huge amounts.

So if this sounds appealing to you? Get in touch at

Would rather fill in a form? Sure,

Let’s try this one