Consider the Spoons in Your Marriage

spoons marriage

Nateanite and I are both a relatively unique combination of introversion and high-strung “Type A” personalities. I think it comes from being the oldest sibling. It makes for a pretty unique dynamic in our marriage. One of our main tools for communication is Google Hangouts. We talk during the day, chatting about what’s going on…

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What United Airlines Can Teach Us About Maintaining Relationships

united airlines relationships

With bloodied mouth, glasses askew and belly exposed for the world’s social media scrutiny, United Express Flight 3411 passenger, Dr. David Dao, was brutally ousted from the overbooked flight. The incident occurred April 8, 2017 and shocked viewers around the world. United Airlines initially defended their legal right to remove passengers on overbooked flights, and…

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An excerpt from “Travel with a French Writer” by Subhadip Majumdar Suzanne, my lovely French friend who has come a long way from south of France to cover the Jaipur Literature Festival, is a wonderful writer too. She  teaches me a lot on writing, and to discuss literature with her is an enthralling thing. Sometimes she…

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Your Everything Guide to Essential Oils in the Bedroom

essential oils for the bedroom

When you think of essential oils, what does it bring to mind? For me, it brings to mind aroma. The aromatic applications of essential oils are well known. You can use essential oils topically and even internally (be sure to research for quality first!), but the most immediate draw of essential oils is the scent. Did you…

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Keeping Your Marriage Alive in Sickness and Health

keeping your marriage alive

Welcome to The Relationship Blogger! I’m so glad you’ve made your way over to my column. I’m a team member here and I’ll be appearing twice a month as a syndicated columnist. For the next three months, you can look forward to posts talking about dealing with stress within your marriage in a variety of…

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Are Women Capable of Working with Men without Having Sex with Them?

working women

Bob pulls up to my place of work, and texts me he’s waiting outside. I tell my staff I’ll be gone a few hours; it’s a breakfast meeting. I’m smiling when I slide into the passenger seat of Bob’s car. He’s a sales manager and drives a pristine new vehicle. We go to our favorite…

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Why do men cheat? The definitive guide

why do men cheat

Why do men cheat? I have a good idea My Dad was a serial cheater. If you’re asking yourself why do men cheat right now then you’ve come to the right place. I could have darkened the same path as him in my earlier years if I hadn’t had watched myself. You see, the life I…

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Why do they still want to hang with their opposite sex single friends


Why do they still want to hang with their opposite sex single friends “Especially when I told them that I’m uncomfortable with it.” This is actually a question that’s far more common than you may think. We all have friend circles, and this is the ’10’s where people have mixed gender friendships with a wide array of…

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Why men aren’t listening – and I’m stumped

why men aren't listening

Why men aren’t listening I just read a fantastic article on the honey quill earlier, and shared it with all my friends. The fragile male ego as the author calls it and why men aren’t listening. And I know myself how fragile the male ego can be, being a man. So I could only agree…

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