5 Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

5 Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend — let’s face it. Men aren’t complicated when it comes to their needs and wants. They are very straight forward and succinct. My wife always laughs when I message my friends directions to the house if they live far away. They’ll text me the question, and I’ll answer them with only the address, and that’s all. To me that’s entirely acceptable conversation. She laughs because she is always bemused at how succinct and to the point men are in their communication. She’s always said to me that if one of her girlfriends had a communication like that with her she’d think they were pissed off at something. Us men generally don’t sugar coat it.

The biggest difference (certainly from what I’ve observed) from men and women is their style of communication, and it’s often the cause of many arguments. Sometimes both partners want the same thing but are communicating it in a different way. Test it out for yourself. Sit quietly and observe how men and women communicate with each other and you’ll see it’s very different.

If you’re interested in a man and you’re wondering if he likes you are not, and you’re curious about the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend — well read on, I can give you the answers, being a man myself.

Subtle signs he likes you more than a friend – He’s around you more than other girls.

subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

Most men have busy lives; even the shy guys that can’t communicate their feelings over to you as well as other men can. If he’s burning up your phone, around your house, in your presence at work — if he’s there when he has no other reason to be around you then chances are he likes you more than a friend. Men can absolutely be friends with women, but if he’s not in a relationship, and isn’t talking about any other girls when he’s in your presence, ding ding ding! This is one of the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend.

People in general like being in the vicinity of other people they like. This is true for women as it is men. We follow the good feelings. And if you make us feel good then we’re generally going to want to be around you. Still have doubts? He may just really like you as a friend? Well then tie that against how much time does he spend around his own friends? Observe how he acts around you, and how he acts amongst his friends? Which brings me to my next point:

He’s different around you than he is with other women

Is he nicer around you than he is with other girls? Does he go out of his way for you, and wouldn’t give Tracy at work the time of day when she asked last week? Does he clam up around you?

Before I was in a long term relationship I was always around the women that I was particularly interested in more than the other women I knew. This is the same for all types of communication — in person, on messenger, or snap chat, or whatever method of communication you use together. And I was always willing to help them with whatever problem they had; if however foolish I sometimes came across

Men that are interested in you are always acting differently around you — and will definitely always be available. This is clearly one of the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

He’s always available, or he will be at some point

Okay, so I don’t mean he’ll be sitting by the phone all day every day to hear from you because that’s obsessional and unhealthy, but he’ll definitely be available for whenever you want to hang with him or need a favour from him. And if he’s busy doing other stuff then he’ll at least get back to you in some form or another. Maybe tomorrow he’s available to hang? Or the next! We have busy schedules so don’t get too disheartened — the key is to understand if he’s going to make time, or not.

If I wasn’t interested in a woman then the last thing I would want to do is clear my schedule to hang with her, our fob off my friends to go and chill. I mean if she was a friend I would want to hang, but when I had time to, and no other things to do. Clear subtle signs he likes you more than a friend is how available he is to you. Think of men as having narrow vision when it comes to their focus; it’s all to do with the fact that we work best at doing one thing at a time — if he’s concentrating on you then chances are you are his sole focus at that moment in time, and which is why most men choose their activities wisely!

He always looks good when he’s around you (probably smells good too)

One of the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend is that he cleans up around you. I’ve never been the greatest at being prim and proper — part of why my wife chose me is that I was a bit rough around the edges. She’s never liked men that preen themselves. So you have to think of this in terms of his standards. When he’s out meeting you is he looking better than he usually does? That’s a sure dead give-away if he dresses up to be around you.

I had a friend called Pete many years ago. He visited me so he could get to know a girl I knew better. As soon as it was time to come over, sure enough, he was dressing up better than I’d ever seen him. Pete didn’t look too smart and that was because him and I were unemployed at the time, but he brought his best everything with him. His clothes, his smellies, everything.

Last but not least, is that he’ll listen to you

Men are great listeners. But sometimes we aren’t, and it’s mainly because if we’ve got more than one thing on our minds, then our focus doesn’t get wider, it gets split between the two. Now we’re not inhumane so we’ll try and listen to both things going on but that means neither will get 100% attention. So then we would decide which gets more focus and which doesn’t depending on the importance of it.

If he likes you it’s going to seem like no-one else is in the room with you. A great indicator of one of the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend is that his focus will be on you, and only you, and other things will slide into the ether – unless you’re both doing something dangerous of course! But if it’s a relaxing talk beside the water cooler, or a calm relaxing walk, if it seems like he’s listening to you, and only you, then chances are he’s interested in you!

5 subtle signs he likes you more than a friend
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Raymond is a Mental Health activist and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He fuels his activism by taking to the web and trying to create core change in the way people interact. As an ex-Community​ Manager, Raymond has a unique approach to communication and relationships and believes the way forward in life is improving the interactions between one another. Raymond started his blogging activities as a way to heal from a chequered past, and through this, his blog has become something far more empowering than he ever imagined. And thus, The Relationship Blogger Magazine was born.


  1. Thanks for this, Raymond – I’ve forwarded it to a GF of mine who insists that her friend Steve “is just a friend” when it is obvious to anyone outside looking in that he is totally in love with her and would drop everything to be of help to her. Maybe this article will clue her in, and stop his torment. 🙂

    1. I hope this helps Natalia! – There are more, but I usually try and keep my word limit to 1000-1500 or I find that my readers get bored afterwards lol

  2. I wonder whether you could solve a related mystery for my friend. A guy was displaying all the behaviors you’ve described BUT never made any proper move. Not even when they’d wait for an Uber for a long time in the evening and the circumstances were right, no attempts to touch her in any other way ever…Do you think he could have just been shy or inexperienced? My friend is quite traditional so she wouldn’t make a first move.

    1. That sounds like a bonified shy guy. Be careful with shy guys though — unless she’s interested in leading the relationship, making all the decisions, and tearing her hair out trying to get some conflict out of him, then making out with a shy guy probably isn’t the greatest of moves! Not that they can’t change, I was a shy guy once, but I worked on myself a little bit before I got into any relationship!

      1. That’s what she figured out between her common sense and friends advising her – that the guy is painfully shy or/and inexperienced and she let him go.

        On a different note, don’t you think even a really shy guy would still go for it with someone he felt wholeheartedly he was a match with?

        1. It depends really. There are levels of shy guys. A lot of it has to do with deep trauma. Some guys just like the feeling of unrequited love — some, even addicted to it. Why risk asking her out when that means you absolutely need to move out of your comfort zone and get some closure on the situation.

          If a guy is a little shy, then yes, he’ll eventually pluck up the courage. If a guy is like I say, petrified of getting closure, then no, he wouldn’t. Most are happy with the status quo, and it takes a major life event to jar them out of this way of thinking (like it did me) sadly.

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