6 ways men compare each other

6 ways men compare each other

Thank you, thank you once again Chelsea for another inspiring post. I keep linking out to her. I should stop it because she’ll think I’m stalking her! Haha. Anyway. I know a fair bit about women through observing my wife; however, reading one of Chelsea’s latest posts that I stumbled upon through Pinterest. I read that women compare themselves to each other. Now I knew this but I actually hadn’t really thought about it too much. Mainly because my life experience is the hub of my knowledge. And women to women I know fairly little about. (i.e. I read an article yesterday about what happens in womens toilets. Did I have an idea? No I did not!)

So I thought for your viewing pleasure today I would detail a list of how males compare each other. Knowing this is actually beneficial. I always think knowing anything about the deeper human psyche gives you the tools to manipulate it to your advantage. It’s not a bad thing, just well, to make people feel more comfortable around you. I’d never use these tools for evil! Albeit, some people do, or a lot of people do and that is in the domain of Social Engineering. Buuut that’s an entirely different post altogether.

Lets get started. 6 ways men compare each other

  1. Job

Nothing sucks deeper when you’re really proud of what you do and enjoy it. Then someone comes along and tells you that John makes 10 times the amount of you doing half as much, and that you could do it too if only you applied yourself more. A man’s stance in the community is determined by the work he does. If you don’t agree with me then think of the difference between an unemployed man and a male doctor. Who would you rather see rule the country if there were a choice?

2. Earning power.

In direct correlation with number one, a man’s position is determined by the weight of his bank balance and financial situation. Some of you may think we never compare this but we do subliminally. Ask yourself. If you take a group of people from various backgrounds that you know. Who would you find yourself better than? Or lesser than? I bet you anything it has something to do with point one and point two.

3. Personality

Most of us men always like to think we are nicer than others. Women size us up on if we would be good fathers; so it’s pretty high up there. And we absolutely hate it when we hear “I wish you could be as nice as John”. Because we know John is just trying to get into her pants.

4. Confidence

Confidence is definitely sexy on people. How do you feel when you are in your normal friend circle? Do you make a lot of suggestions? Lead some activities? Or are you just happy to tag along? This can give you a great idea of where you are in the pecking order. It also subliminally tells you when are where your suggestions are welcomed, or not. Us men compare this all the time. Because we’re all natural born leaders primally.

5. Your partner / wife

A true fact of the matter is men sit there and compare each others partners. We all hate the guys that talk about how much sex they have and the new modelling contract their partner has. We want to shove their heads down a toilet because frankly, some of us are jealous.

6. Awareness / Intelligence

How many times have you heard a man say, oh my god he’s really dense. I’ve hung in circles before where people lead on purely the amount of useless information they know. This part funnels a great deal into a man’s ego and sometimes it’s just better to live and let live, everyone doesn’t need to know or be aware how super-intelligent you are. Why would they? We are always battling for intelligence because that equates to job + earning power. Which in turn relates to higher community standing.


This is obviously not an exhaustive list but it does give you an insight into how we think. Notice I didn’t put attractiveness up there? I did that because it’s low on the scale in my opinion. Women are not as super vain as men are. I’ve saw women walk out of nightclubs with five foot men that look akin to car crashes before. Yet, there’s something about them that women like. Us men are a bit more vain.


6 ways men compare each other
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  1. Hi. I just wanted to remind of one important issue that propoganda tries to infect – comparing in friendly way(just because straight does not mean we dont have family, friendly, etc. and looking for improvements to our own body DOES NOT mean person is freak! Stop this stereotype. People are curious and have eyes and other senses. Just because we are interested in opposite sex privately does not prevent us from interest of world around us publicly! How come if person spends time with cars, garden, art etc. noone talks about orientation? Cause it is not beneficial for brainwashing. If asshmptions about wierdness there would already be UNDENIABLE proof not just presumptions based on rumors.

    1. Hi Eman,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I speak with a heterosexual voice because that’s what I am. I’m not too sure what you were getting at there, but I didn’t mention that men compare each other on body improvements.

      I welcome other voices from different sexual orientations though! I just can’t speak myself from that perspective.

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