Best web hosting for small business

Best web hosting for small business

There are an absolute plethora of players out there. Especially if you’re searching for the best web hosting for small business. When I started my first business way back in the day. Back in 2010, it was. The first thing I wanted to do was build a website and get recognised. And yes I was going to get a quick short kick up the bum, and yes, every Tom Dick and Harry were going to claim that their webs service was the best. And no other service will match them.

I was scammed left right and centre in the earlier years before I wisened up. And to be honest I was really quite naive to the whole process. But, it’s learning those hard lessons that make us the great people that we are today. I began to learn the telltale signs of subliminal salesmanship and the caution signs to look out for.

The funny thing is, is providers are getting so equally brilliant at convincing you to come and use them that it’s becoming really hard to sift through all the rubbish. Luckily, I have lots of experience and I’m here to detail my best list of providers. Or the one’s that have really done more for me than what I paid for. I feel I had value from their service.

My list:

Site 5

This for me is literally THEE best web hosting for small business anywhere in the world. I’ve been with Site5 now for about two years and I won’t go anywhere else. Why? Because their support section is top notch. Have a question? They will answer you in two minutes and try and have it solved by five. And my business is small. Could you imagine if you were buying a Dedicated server? Wow.

Affiliates_300x250_3Also, Site 5 has a whole shiny list of servers that I can rent from them dotted all over in the world. If I want to promote to UK people? Get a server in the UK. France? Get one in France. USA? Get one in the USA and there are a lot more.

I also really enjoy the bandwidth allowances on this too for the price that I pay. It’s probably the cheapest that I’ve seen for the service that is offered. Top notch!


This was one of the earlier companies that I used. I was sad to leave but at the time, they just didn’t have what I was looking for. And of course, they eventually did after leaving them for a few months. But I was settled and I was happy where I was. Bluehost has stunningly fast optimised for WordPress accounts. In fact, if you are thinking about using WordPress org then they will recommend BlueHost as their preferred provider.

If you’re looking for the best web hosting for small business then Bluehost was reliable and fast and their services were reliably cheap. I never had a problem with these people. The only reason that I left was that I wanted something meatier for the price that I was paying. A bit more Oomph! Yet, they have that now. A good, solid provider.


If you’re willing to pay yearly these guys will do the trick. I also have a neat little $50 off voucher to hand out to anyone that wants it. Dreamhost was standard for me, yet not too pricey and very affordable. One of the better providers I’ve gone with over the ages. Probably why I’ve listed them here. Hah.

One new thing that’s REALLY cool is that they’ve recently updated their servers to SSD. And for those that don’t know that means “Solid State Disk” which is the upload and download of information from server to website is going to be a lot faster. Probably more worth the money now than they ever were.


Ah, one of the timeless classics. I think everyone has heard of Hostgator. But it’s why they are so out there. Big business is only big business because it does one thing well. Create value. And that’s what HostGator does. Create epic amounts of value. You have everything for small single people, right up to corporate accounts for huge business. This is one of my all-rounders. If I have an idea for a website I like to try it with HostGator first to see how it does. I wouldn’t say anything was fantastic about them, yet nothing is bad with them either. Valuable, stable and works.

That’s it for now. I really hope you enjoyed that little list. I will catch you later!

best web hosting for small business
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