Why do Men Lie and Cheat?

Why do men lie? Are all men liars cheaters? Kind of. Not really. Do most people lie at some point in their life? Yes. But habitual lies and lies that harm others are different than small white lies.

Why Do Men Lie?

Why do men lie? The answer is simple: generally men lie if there is a specific reason to lie, in order to either avoid dealing with unpleasant feelings or convince someone that we are different than we actually are.

Now, pathological liars are a different breed; I’m not covering pathological psychological conditions here.

#1: To avoid offending a woman.

Small white lies are told to avoid offending.

For example, one arena most men claim they must lie about is: if a woman asks whether she looks good in an outfit or whether she looks “fat.”

Most men laugh at this kind of lie, thinking it’s a gender role they must fulfill

This might sound silly but it’s important to distinguish lies with harmful intent from casual “harmless” lies.

#2: To Not Be Yelled At

lt asked at least 5 guys this question and all of them mentioned some variation of “not not be yelled at… or chastised.

#3: Selfish Reasons

Some men (just like women) simply don’t care that much about the other person. They are able to lie ruthlessly without truly caring about how it would hurt the other person. These men are fine with lying as long as they don’t get caught.

Lies With Harmful Intent

These kind of lies are those that break relationships, hurt people and wound hearts. These lies are told from husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend, child to parent, parent to child, friend to friend… the list goes on.

If we tell a serious lie to someone we love it is a major offense; even worse when the lie is chronic, continuous and has to do with something like CHEATING.

How Can You Tell if He Is Lying and Cheating on You?

The why is different from actually analyzing his behavior to determine if he is or is not lying and cheating on you. Lying and cheating are heavily involved.

Why Do Men Lie About Cheating Instead of Just Breaking Up With A Woman?

This is a question I often wonder… why do people in general cheat instead of face the other person? Many reasons. I don’t want to digress too much but I have decided to include a quick list of 4 signs he could be cheating:

#1: He Cares More About His Appearance Than Usual

Maybe he is putting on more cologne, going out of his way to look good and impress… he might be putting in this effort for another woman.

#2: He’s Out All the Time

If he always has plans, is out and his stories do not make sense… he could be cheating. Going out without you and hiding his plans give him opportunities to cheat.

#3: Your Gut Is Telling You That He Is Lying & Cheating

When you stop and think about it, what do you feel in your gut? Do you have any evidence that points to him being a cheater? If not, think about it… do you think it is simply fear that makes you believe he could be cheating? Or is there solid evidence backing this theory up?

#4: He Smells Different

Does he come home smelling like another woman’s perfume? Or does he have traces of lipstick left on? These are obvious cues that signal he could be cheating.

So even though I am not going to go into the details of cheating… realize that if a man lies to you or cheats on you it has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Don’t take it personally. You cannot control the actions and emotions of another person.

If he does not tell you the truth, don’t drive yourself crazy over it. Trust him until he gives him not to but if he gives you a reason not to trust him.. Pay attention.

Questions? Comments? Have any specific topics you want me to write about?

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